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    Normandy – Places to Visit

    MONT ST MICHEL                                                     FLERS                                                                           

    D DAY BEACHES                                                       BAYEAUX

    GOLF DE VIRE                                                            FORGERES

    LAC DATHEE                                                             CASCADES at MORTAIN

    VILLEDIEU LES POELES                                         DOMFRONT



    AVRANCHES  (Tour de France 2013)



    LINGEARD !!!!!

    Lingeard is near many of the well known sites of Normandy, such as Mount St. Michel, the Normandy Beaches and the Bayeux Tapestry. It is also possible to take a day trip to the Channel Islands from the port of Granville. Lingeard, near small town St Pois or Vire which has many shops and a super market, a market each Friday and an interesting 13th century church. In the region there are a lot of things to do: walking in the bordering forest, horse riding, fishing, enjoy the famous local cuisine, going to the sea to swim or look for mussels some 25 miles away, cycling also a 18 hole golf course on the doorstep. For keen walkers there is designated walkways.


    Saint-Michel-de-Montjoie, a small village next to Lingeard with a small shop and filling station.


    Gathemo, a small village next to Lingeard has a small bar, shop / restaurant. There is also a garage there owned by James who is British.


    Perriers-en-Beauficel, a small village next to Lingeard has the restaurant, Le Moulin which is situated in an old mill. It is highly recommended and it is advised to book first due to its popularity.


    St Sever Calvados, Lake Dathee is on the doorstep, only a 10 minute drive through the forrest. You can camp and fish there and walk or cycle around the lake. Cycling takes about an hour, thats how big the lake is, its beautiful. It has the nearest supermarket to Lingeard.


    St Pois is a small town next to Lingeard and has shops, butchers, bakers, chemist and bars.

    Brecey is a small town next to Lingeard and has shops supermarket and bars.

    Vire is only a 15 minute drive and is a big town with shops, butcher, supermarkets, restaurants and Bars with 2 nightclubs. It also has various DIY stores, car hire, public swimming pool and football ground. It has a train station where you could travel straight to Paris (travelling east) or travel west straight to Granville stopping at Villedieu-les-Poêles for a day at the seaside.


    Villedieu-les-Poêles is a large town and is known as the ‘city’ of copper, its origins date back to the Crusades and Henry 1st Beauclerc, King of England; Duke of Normandy (the son of William the Conqueror). It has shops, butcher, supermarkets, restaurants, bars and various shops. The Bell Foundry and Copper Workshop is worth a visit. It has a train station.


    Zoo de Champrépus

    Location: Situated on the D924 between Villedieu and Granville. A well maintained zoo covering 7 hectares and spread across both sides of the D924 (a footbridge links the two sections). The northern, smaller section has a mini-farm and a selection of exotic birds, while the main area contains larger ‘jungle’animals – lions, leopards. Tigers, monkeys etc…. The whole zoo is well laid out with themed gardens to show animals in their natural settings. Due to be expanded in 2006 with a giraffe enclosure.


    The seaside town of Granville is about a 1 hour drive and has a long-established tradition of seafaring and piracy and is often compared to Brittany’s St-Malo. The walled town was built by the English in 1439 in an attempt to capture Mont-St-Michel. From here the Baie du Mont-St-Michel was easily guarded. If you climb to the top of the ramparts you’ll be rewarded with stunning views.

    The lower part of the town is a traditional seaside resort complete with casino, seafronts and gardens. From the port you’ll be able to take a boat trip out to the Iles Chausey where the granite originated for the building of Mont-St-Michel. The port also acts as a departure point for the Channel Islands.